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576 John St.N., Hamilton, ON, L8L 4S1, Canada  

Represented by: Art Interiors, Toronto, ON and Gallery on the Bay, Hamilton, ON   

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A little about the Artist

Common sense, practicality and interesting opportunities such as working on projects like Expo, the Black Diamond Cheese Co., Ford, American Airlines and a host of similar clients, working with talented colleagues in air conditioned offices and of course a regular paycheque were more appealing than the hit and miss bohemian life in a rented studio.

During this time Joel made inroads onto the fine art world by finding a gallery to exhibit his work.

More by accident than design Joel discovered an aptitude for teaching and combined a freelance career in architectural rendering for the next thirty years but never losing sight of his fine art. Making time to produce several murals and works for solo and group exhibitions.

Fine art is a fickle mistress with multiple rewards though not necessarily financial ones. Joel has reached that time in life, euphemistically known as retirement, now having the wherewithal to devote his energies entirely to the world of being an artist.

Experience and skill combined with a nice sense of pictorial humour Joel does today what he’d like to have done in 1965 upon immigrating to Canada: Go into the studio every day and work his heart out.